Aging Gracefully – A gift for a wife or teacher


Silver and Gold. Graceful aging with natural beauty. She is your aunt, your grandmother, your aunt, or your favorite teacher, your wife. She hasn’t lost her beauty, and her character shines in her eyes.

This necklace is the perfect complement to her complexion and her personality.

28 inches long with no clasp.

Strong and long lasting.

Faux pearls and gold metallic beads and accents. ivory pearls gold gift wife teacher parent


Swarovski Snowflake Earrings – Winter is Here!


Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Pierced Earrings
Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Pierced Earrings

Did you ever study the ice crystals on the underside of your ice container when you take it out of the freezer? Aren’t they beautiful? Tubes of Hexagons, Solid triangles, Spikes from every angle. These Swarovski Crystal snowflakes sparkle like that. They catch light and throw it around. Gorgeous.

These wintry beauties are 3 inches long and really sparkly.
Order early to have these for winter. Or chill off your summer and think ‘Ice’.

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