How to repair and replace worn patches on a patchwork quilt

To repair damaged or worn patches on a patchwork quilt:  Cut a piece of prewashed (shrunk) quilt fabric ½ inch larger than the damaged piece (on grain if possible).  Lay the new piece directly on top of the old piece and pin in place.  Fold under the edge and hand appliqué the new piece over the old piece.  (You may have to trim the corners to reduce bulk, but be careful not to trim too closely or the corner will fray.)  If new pieces abut, you may stitch them together.

Recycling – Sky and Aqua Blue Summer Fringe and Ring Necklace -22 inches long


What are those lovely round rings? I just adore them. The strongest plastic rings you can find. They are the loops from a women’s bra… you know where the elastic loops up to the adjuster? Recycling is one of my favorite pastimes.

This Fringed Aqua and White necklace is perfect for summer and would be wonderful for a beach vacation.
The neck piece of the necklace is a hand twisted 100% cotton cord (I made it myself from prewashed embroidery floss). This helps makes the necklace less irritating when worn against the bare skin.
Contains genuine opal and aqua Swarovski Crystal Bicones.

What to do with leftover crinoline

Leftover crinoline fabric can be used to make pot scrubbers.  Cut a strip 4 to six inches wide and at least one yard long.  Accordion-fold the piece and tie the center tightly with strong twine or a heavy rubber band.  Pull the folds apart to make a puff.

I also use several layers of crinoline instead of buckram. Crinoline can be used for hat frames and purse sides, anywhere you need a little extra stiffness.

Soft Floral Vine Convertible Purple and Green necklace and bracelet set


This feminine necklace is delicate and wispy. The two vining strands are intertwined gently.
An expression of nature and celebration of spring blooms and trailing vines.
I crocheted this double necklace from delicate knitting wire. The necklace flexes and moves like a real vine. The tiny glass beads resemble small blossoms.

The neck piece is a purple 100% silk handmade cord which doubles as a bracelet and can hold large holed beads.
The lower necklace is 18 inches long, and, by itself, sits at the base of the neck, just above the collarbone.
Together, the two hang just to the bustline.
The bracelet is just under 9 inches, which is perfect for several large beads.

Slinky Fabric requires special handling

Sometimes excellent seamstresses ask me to sew Slinky fabric for them because they are afraid of it.

Follow these rules and you will have success sewing Slinky:

  1. Always use a press cloth when pressing Slinky fabric. It usually shines, and often melts.
  2. When using a press cloth, raise the setting of the iron one notch so that the heat of the iron can penetrate the press cloth and still be hot enough for the fabric underneath.
  3. Always topstitch hems on Slinky.  The drape of Slinky fabric causes it to slump against hidden hem stitches.

Grape Clusters and Leaves necklace – just like grapes hanging from the vine

Grape Harvest. Sweet clusters gathered in the early morning before the sun dries the dew. Delectable and abundant. Share in the season with these classic looking clusters created from frosted fringe beads.

One of a kind grape cluster necklace showcases realistic looking grapes ripe for picking. This pendant graces the collarbone.
A great gift for that wine connoisseur or chef, or someone who prides themselves on their gardening skills.
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How to make a perfect knot at the end of your sewing thread

A quilter’s knot makes a perfect knot for hand sewing:

Make an overhand knot near the end of the thread.  (see diagram) 
diagram A

Hold the knot between the forefinger and thumb.   (see diagram)
diagram B

Pull the thread tight.  Your knot will fall precisely where you wanted it and it will be perfect.

For a larger knot, loop the thread two, three, or four times in step one.

Peach Quartz donut necklace with Gold Cotton Cord – 40 inch Long Length

Gemstone doughnuts always intrigue me. They remind me of Chinese money, which could be strung for easy carrying.
This necklace’s warm tones brighten up and gracefully enhance simple outfits: tank tops or long sleeved t-shirts as well as turtle necks.
The pendant reaches almost to the waist.
40 inches long hypo-allergenic cotton cord with golden accents has polymer clay and glass beads as well as a genuine quartz gemstone donut bead.
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Do you have holes in your Olfa Mat?

Once, I developed a hole in my Olfa Mat.  Here is why:  I had a very sharp blade. I cut from the back side of the mat. I didn’t know it is possible to cut half way through the mat. The cut on the back lined up perfectly with a cut on the front, and there was a hole all the way through!

So, never cut on the back side of your Cutting Mat. 

I am more careful with my new mat, only cutting from the green side. :o )