Oh No! The head of my pin just pulled off and I can’t get the pin out of the fabric!

How do remove a straight pin safely when the head has broken off?  Use a pair of pliers to bend the pin at a right angle, and then use the pliers to pull it out.


Baby Shower Card Box – favor box or gift box – Hand Crafted -Color choice


Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers. Although this pram has no rubber, it still reminds me of the days when parents strolled down the street to show off their littles.

This sturdy hand crafted card box baby carriage is made of foam board and paperboard with cardstock accents.

It is 16” tall by 17” wide by 8” deep. The ‘box’ part between the wheels is approx. 8” square by 5” high.
This example is yellow, black and white. Inside the bonnet and part of the bed are lined in yellow. Other colors are available. Please check before ordering for availability and price.

It can also be used as a holder for cards or party favors. Or, use it as a gift box filled with baby items and then cover with a nursing blanket

Lord, give me courage to throw out dull and bent tools

If a pin becomes bent, is difficult to get into the fabric, or ‘clicks’ when entering the fabric, throw it out. Pins are inexpensive – and they do wear out.

If a seam ripper does not cut through threads like a razor, then it is not living up to its name.  If you have to push a seam ripper, it is dull.  Get a new one and throw the old one out.

If your scissors are dull, you can get an inexpensive sharpener at any fabric supply store.  Fiskars makes an inexpensive one, and it works. http://www2.fiskars.com/Sewing-Quilting/Products/Scissors-and-Sharpeners/Desktop-Scissors-Sharpener#.VChSZqbD9Ms


Is Fluppy a word?


Fluppy. I know it’s not a real word, but this necklace feels fluppy. and Tickly. The little butterflies flup. and move. It’s nice.

This fluttery butterfly necklace has a fun feel as the butterflies move gently (a little ‘tickly’).
Gold and Silver colors.
18 inches long – just grazing the collarbone

Etsy Shops Team Member.

No Cost for shipping!
Discount available on larger orders.
Just ask.

HANDMADE EARRINGS – Faux Pearl Chandelier Pierced Earrings – white or ivory with silver or gold


Do you love filigree and scrollwork? These Baroque style earrings are perfect for your wedding.
Or, are you wearing a medieval costume or reenacting a medieval renaissance? Wear the perfect handmade earrings.

Hand wired pearl chandelier earrings feature gold accents and surgical steel ear wires.
2 ½ inches long.

No Cost for Shipping!

Consider matching pieces for your bridal party at discounted prices. Custom jewelry is available for large parties. Just send me a message.


How do I remove HotFix Swarovski crystals from the hem of a garment?

Blue jeans from companies like Not Your Daughter’s Jeans sometimes have Swarovski Crystals in the hem of the outseam.  Shortening a pair of jeans can end up in a broken needle.

To remove hot fix Swarovski crystals:  Use a pair of pliers and crush the crystal.  Heating it will help remove the crystal (sometimes) but will not remove the glue.


The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift – Because you care about what they are wearing

SWAROVSKI NECKLACE Color choice crystals – 16 inches – silver plated clasp – 4mm bicones

swaro copy

What do you get for bridesmaids’ gifts? Bridesmaids always love Swarovski Crystals. And you can be sure you approve of the jewelry they wear when walking down the aisle.

4mm Swarovski Crystal necklace measures 16 inches in length. This is a choker style necklace.

Allow four weeks for colors. Clear crystals are in stock.

Silver Plated lobster clasp.

Multiple orders at no additional shipping.

Perfect for Bride’s gifts.

Get your bridesmaids the perfect jewelry. Everyone loves Swarovski Crystals.
And they can be worn year after year.

NO COST Shipping to USA

WHOLESALE: Large orders available. 10% discount on second item. Up to 50% discount for very large orders ($400)
Whole bridal party, any number of pieces available. Please allow two weeks for construction on orders over ten pieces. http://sewandsocreations.wix.com/weddinghomepage