How to shorten the sleeves on a Cuffed Jacket -Part 3

I measured the original seam allowance on the garment sleeve and added this measurement to the cuff width (3/8 inch plus 2 inches equals 2 3/8 inches).
I set my ‘sticky note’ on the machine bed, measuring from the needle.

What is the proper placement for buttons on a Man’s Suit Jacket Sleeve?

I find the following placement of button on a suit jacket sleeve placket to be ideal:

The buttons should be 5/8 inch in diameter.

The first button should be sewn (centered) 1 ½ inches from the hem edge.

The second and succeeding buttons should be sewn ¾ inches (centered) from the first button.

All the buttons should be sewn 5/8 inch from the fold edge (or seam edge).