Hemming Chiffon – Part 6

chiffon hem3

Carefully (and I do mean carefully) trim the fabric near the stitched fold 1/16 to 1/8 inch away from the stitching (making sure to cut below the desired hem, so that you cut off only the undesired fabric). Try to do this evenly, since the constant width of your cut line will affect the straightness of the final hemline.

chiffon hem4


Bespoke Demi Bra Corset – Your choice of fabric – Custom – Made to order

demi bra corset

I am a costume designer. One of my specialties is making bustiers and corsets.

The difference between a corset and a bustier is:

A bustier is a support garment
A corset is a shaping garment

So, a corset must alter your figure. It has to be tight. I can make a corset for you even if I have not seen you. You must give me accurate measurements of your body and you must tell me what you want the corset to do for you.

This corset is for a small or medium sized woman. If you are a large or extra-large woman or have a very curvy figure, contact me and we will work out an order for you.

The photo is for a demi-bust corset. It will cover half of your breast.

It is made of ivory brocade with lacing in the back. It has a busk (clip) closure in the front so that you can dress yourself.
The corset will has three layers of fabric: One soft lining layer, one beautiful layer on the outside, and one layer of poplin inside for strength.

Any fabric on this site is available. http://corsetmaking.com/category/silk-brocade.html

Swarovski Briolette Formal Necklace – 16 inches to 20 inches

Swarovski maid of honor necklac

Swarovski Briolettes are oval shaped drops with fascinating and scintillating refractions. Multitudes of tiny rainbows dance on the surface.
There are five of them on this beautiful necklace. This is excellent for brides or proms, for a fairy princess or for a snow queen.
Or your best friend who will be your maid of honor and will stand by you. Always.

This sparkling beauty is made entirely of Swarovski crystals. Includes 13mm and 11mm briolettes, and 8mm, 6mm and 4mm bicones.
All the crystals are Aurora Borealis for extra reflection and color.
Your choice: 16 inches, 18 inches or 20 inches
Third picture shows the 18 inch necklace on a life-size mannequin.

Multiple orders at no additional shipping.

Perfect for Bride’s gifts.

Get your bridesmaids the perfect jewelry. Everyone loves Swarovski Crystals.
And they can be worn year after year.

NO COST Shipping to USA

Matching bracelet and earrings also available

WHOLESALE: Large orders available. 10% discount on second item. Up to 50% discount for very large orders ($400)
Whole bridal party, any number of pieces available. Please allow two weeks for construction on orders over ten pieces. http://sewandsocreations.wix.com/weddinghomepage

Cotton comfort and cool clothing. Long linen dresses.


Adjustable White Quartz donut necklace with White and Silver Cord – 26 inch long with 3 inch drop – Ivory

White and Ivory. Summer in the sun. Beach vacations. Natural wood.
Cotton comfort and cool clothing. Long linen dresses.
I made this necklace to fill all the emotions that come from a barefoot day at the beach in a long linen dress and a straw hat.

This beautifully simple necklace gracefully enhances simple outfits: tank tops or long sleeved t-shirts as well as gauzy dresses.
Excellent for summer’s white styles.

26 inches long or less, with an adjustable sliding bead at the rear. Hypo-allergenic cotton cord with silver accents has wooden and a hand twisted cord as well as a 1 1/2 inch diameter gemstone donut bead.
Member of Etsy Shops Team.


Hemming Chiffon – Part 2

Do not cut a chiffon hem. You must retain the fabric for the hem to lay evenly without puckering and lettucing (rippling or becoming wavy).
Mark a line 1/2 inch below the final hemline (if necessary, you may remove the stitching of the original hem to facilitate this step). This will prevent any marks from appearing later, since these marks will be removed.