With a t-shirt and jeans, it’s easy

mother of pearl pony bead yellow red girl gift

Golden Yellow and Red brighten up your t-shirt and jeans. This short necklace is easy and carefree. Just add it to a white t-shirt and jeans and slip on a sweater, and you’re ready to go.

This trendy necklace is also a perfect gift for your daughter or granddaughter. Pony beads and Mother of Pearl beads are great for summer styles.

Red and Yellow with natural shell accents. 17 inches long with a silver plated lobster clasp.
The length of the necklace will vary with the size of the wearer. Mannequin is full size adult.

If you order more items, ask for a discount.

How to Measure the Sleeve Curve Properly

sleeve parts

To measure the sleeve curve properly:

  1. Measure from the Shoulder Seam intersection to the Underarm Seam on the front and mark this measurement down.

  2. Measure from the Shoulder Seam intersection to the Underarm Seam on the back and mark this measurement down.

  3. Add these two measurements together and mark this measurement down.


Bible Dolls – Noah’s Family


Noah's Family Bible Character Dolls

These adorable Bible character dolls are hand washable (with care – so as not to tangle the hair).
Four Inches High with stand. (These dolls stand up on their own).

Note: These are a custom order item. The dolls in the photo are just a sample. Since these are made with small fabric remnants, the colors and styles may not be exact.

Ham and his wife are Negro, Shem and his wife are Asian, Japeth and his wife are Caucasian, and Noah and his wife are — well — we really don’t know. In this example, they are pink with gray hair. If you have color preferences, let me know, and I will do what I can to create your special order the way you like it. See the third photo for hair variations.

Other quantities available. Special sizes available. Ask for a custom order.



How to properly measure an armscye

armscye measuring

Measure the armscye from the shoulder seam to the side seam on the front. Mark this measurement down.

Then measure the armscye from the shoulder seam to the side seam on the back. Mark this measurement down.

Then, add these two measurements together and mark this measurement down.


Hand Assembled sew-on Rhinestones make a stunning necklace


Emerald rhinestone formal necklace

Days of hand stitching linked hundreds of sew-on rhinestones into this sparkling beauty.

This hand assembled Glass Rhinestone setting necklace is elegant and stunning for a formal dinner or dance.
Emerald Green stones adorn the center front of the necklace while clear stones encircle the neck.

17 inches in length. Toggle clasp.
One of a Kind


Definition: Armscye

Armscye – This is a job-specific word.  This is from Miriam Webster dictionary:

armhole; specifically in tailoring and dressmaking :  the shape or outline of the armhole

We will be discussing sleeves and armscyes in the next series of articles.


Hemming Chiffon – Synopsis

For your convenience, I have compiled a list of the articles, in order, for hemming chiffon and other sheer fabrics:











Mexican Fiesta Charm Bracelet – Red, Orange, golden yellow


Available on etsy


Mexicans eat a lot of hot peppers.  Capsaicin (the ‘hot’ substance in peppers) makes our bodies feel ‘hot’, so we cool ourselves naturally to escape the ‘heat’.  This helps keep the Mexican people cool in themselves in their hot climate. 
Warm colors always remind me of Central America and the southern states.  If you live in New Mexico, you can appreciate chili peppers like no other group of US Americans, since this is the only US state with a state vegetable.

This bracelet embodies your spirit.
Shades of red, orange and yellow bring out your fiery spirit in a gentle but bold way.

Glass beads and pearls with wrapped loops and headpins.
Lobster clasp closure and chain in silver color.

If you order multiple items, contact me for a discount.


Pheasant feathers — Beautiful and Lightweight

Wikipedia photo:  Pheasant

Wikipedia photo: Pheasant

Wikipedia states: “The ring-necked pheasant is the state bird of South Dakota, one of only three U.S. state birds that is not a species native to the United States.” The fifth photo is from Wikipedia. What a beautiful bird!

This Pheasant Feathers necklace and earrings set has natural wooden beads suspended from wrapped wire loops.
Each feather is carefully hand chosen and groomed for maximum beauty.
Reminiscent of American Indian Styles.
Very lightweight.
Necklace chain measures 17 inches besides dangling feathers. Magnetic clasp — excellent for arthritis sufferers. See photo for comparison of size.
Discounts available for multiple items. Contact me before checking out to receive a multi-item discount.

Pheasant Feather Necklace

Pheasant Feather Necklace