Hemming Chiffon – Part 2

Do not cut a chiffon hem. You must retain the fabric for the hem to lay evenly without puckering and lettucing (rippling or becoming wavy).
Mark a line 1/2 inch below the final hemline (if necessary, you may remove the stitching of the original hem to facilitate this step). This will prevent any marks from appearing later, since these marks will be removed.


Hemming Chiffon – Part 1

Chiffon fabric is sheer and is usually crepe (textured). Because of its sheerness, the hem will be seen through the outer fabric. So, special care is needed to make as neat a hem as possible. (These instructions can be used on voile, batiste, and many other sheer woven and some knit fabrics, such as stiff tricot.)


‘Sherry’ Necklace in Swarovski Crystals


This beautiful necklace matches my four strand bracelet.  https://www.etsy.com/listing/90382006/elegant-four-strand-swarovski-crystal?ref=shop_home_active_8

If you order the necklace, you can get the bracelet for half price.  Let me know, and I’ll send you a special invoice.  There is only one necklace left!


Rag Rugs Take a Lot of Fabric

Hand Crocheted rugs really take a lot of fabric. In the beginning, it starts small. Everything does. Then it gets bigger. Rugs like this use four times as much fabric on the final row as on the first row. One long sleeved shirt has enough fabric to go around four times at the beginning, and only one and a half rows at the end.

This hand crocheted rag rug is made from polyester and cotton fabrics and blends.
In shades of bright pink, rose, black, gray, and light pink.
A nice addition to a country cottage or a girl’s room.
Machine Washable and Dryable on Gentle.
Tends to add a lot of lint to the dryer lint trap. Check frequently. As with all similar items, washing less frequently will extend its life.
Crocheted rag rugs tend to expand over time. In high traffic areas, it may double in size.

Dunnage – Part 2 – What to do with it (or ‘Inexpensive Pattern Paper’)

See yesterday’s article:  https://sewandso.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/dunnage-a-definition-part-1/

I really needed to buy pattern paper.
Pattern paper can be very expensive.

Wawak provides Kraft paper.

I’m going to use it for pattern paper.  I got ten yards of it on Thursday  .I flattened it out and rolled it onto a cardboard tube.

I’m going to order often from Wawak in the future.

Dunnage.  I like it.

Dunnage: A Definition — Part 1


Dunnage is an inexpensive or waste material used to load and secure cargo during transportation, or support jacks, pipes, air conditioning and other equipment above the roof of a building.

Here is a picture of Dunnage:
Here is the box I received it in:
wawak box

wawak box

Here are the contents of the box:
box contents

Here is a picture of all the box with the dunnage:

Dunnage from Wawak

Dunnage from Wawak

Dunnage – A new word for you.

Tomorrow:  What to do with Dunnage



Top Hat in any color of your choice, any basic style, any size


I make hats.  Not just any hats.  Theater hats.  Comicon hats.  Top hats.  Wide hats.  Colorful hats.  Basic Black Hats.
I’ve made Willie Wonka.  Look Here for other hats I’ve made. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sewandso/sets/  and https://www.flickr.com/photos/sewandso/sets/72157604628036267/

The ‘Willie Wonka’ model is a basic Top Hat with a wide top and a gusseted interior to keep it from falling over your head.  It will fall over your head otherwise.  Trust me.

I will make you a hat according to your head circumference in a dimension and proportion perfect for the character you wish to portray.
This hat is approximately as high as it is wide.
The one in these photos is for Willie Wonka, which was made for a presentation in 2009.
The inside is gusseted with a drawstring so it can be adjusted to fit the wearer (otherwise it will fall over the face).
Other types of hats are available.  Let me know exactly what you want so we can design it together.

Inspiration. Courage. Happy Endings. Motivational Beads

Inspiration. Motivation. Hope. Faith.
Words keep showing up on jewelry these days. I suppose we need to be reminded of our blessings.
This set is made out of recycled magazines.
So, you are not only inspiring, your are eco-conscious.

This motivational set features such words and sayings as: Lot of Love, Create, Inspiration, Change, Happy Endings, Good and more.
Excellent for a get well gift or for a celebration of a new job or promotion.
Two tier (26 and 28 inch) necklace has a 1 inch drop
Two tier (8 1/2 inch) bracelet has a stretch cord
Bead are handmade by the seller ???????????????????????????????????????????????