Jeans Can Be Altered: The back seam – Part 5

Sewing the Felled Seam
Sewing the Felled Seam

Use two standard sewing threads in a size 14 needle (or larger) to match the topstitching on the jeans.

Topstitch the fabric near the fold of the seam.  Use a ‘hump jumper’ or a folded paper spacer to sew the intersection of the seams.   (See the gray object to the rear of the presser foot in the photo.)  Otherwise, you will not be able to advance the presser foot.

Bride’s Hand Beaded Satin Headband or Sash – Custom Fit


Pearls and Sparkle. Your whole day sparkles. You want everything perfect. This hand made sash will carry you to your destination.
This hand beaded Ivory Satin Headband can also be used as a waistband/sash for your wedding gown. Similar pieces retail for about $100.00 US.
Please indicate waist size for a sash (measure your waist over your gown), and I will finish this piece for you to fit your specifications.
Or, if you prefer, I will add organza or satin ribbons so you can tie it in your hair.

$35.00 plus shipping

Jeans Can Be Altered: The back seam – Part 3

Marking the Seam
Marking the Seam

Mark the waistband at the position of the new seam.  (In the photo, I used a couple of pins to indicate the new seam.)

Pin the placement line of the new seam on the right panel (see photo), and on the left panel (not shown).  This should be a smooth transition between the buttocks area and the waistband.

Jeans Can Be Altered: The back seam – Part 2

To alter the jeans:

First, remove the belt loop at the center back. (A box knife or safety razor blade work better than a seam ripper, but blades are dangerous.)

Then, cut the waistband in half (look at photo), where the belt loop was.

Blue Jeans Alteration
Blue Jeans Alteration

Open the back seam down to where the center back fits the buttocks.