Golden Evening Gown 1912-1913 for the Titanic Project: Corset Cover

This is the photo that is inspiring the creation of this pattern.

It is absolutely typical of the time period.


The first step to making the pattern is to pin the muslin on the standard size mannequin.  This one has a 38 inch bustline.


Next, the paper pattern was made by copying the muslin.  Then the fashion fabric was cut out.

This pattern will have an under lining to stiffen it, since it is needed to cover a corset smoothly.

The darts are marked.


To make alterations easier, I assembled the garment front section without darts.

I did the same with the back section

The underlining is sandwiched between the layers and overcast to the inside panel.


The front darts are sewn on the inside through all layers.

The back is sewn to the front at the right side seam, enclosing the front seam completely.

Then the back darts are sewn.

The garment is pressed.



I will add a placket and buttons to the left side later, when the bottom half is finished.