Making a flexible mold of your Polymer Clay Rose Design


1. I use Art Clay World Five Minute Cold Molding Compound to create my mold for reproducing my polymer clay designs.


2. This two part compound is blended together in equal amounts until the color is consistent.


3. I use an amount that is about double the size of the original three dimensional item, or one part of purple and one part of white, each about the size of the design


4. I push the molding compound into the design to fill the gaps, leaving an opening on the bottom large enough to remove the design after the mold is cured.


5. I thicken and round the edges of the mold, or it will tear when the design is removed.


6. After the mold has cured, it may be difficult to free the rose, which has deep contours, from the mold. Gently pull on the sides of the mold until you hear a ‘pop’. Attempt to free the rose. If it doesn’t release, pull in different areas until the rose is free, then remove the rose. If the original design is thick enough, the rose will probably not break. Art Clay World molds are extremely flexible.


7. Notice the amount of detail that is possible with the Art Clay World compound.


READ the next installment before you do this…


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