How to Lower a Skirt Slit – The easy way – Part 1

Mark the bottom of the slit
Mark the bottom of the slit

You are self-conscious.  You think people are staring at you.  You are afraid to bend over, afraid someone will see Paris, France.  And they just might.  With today’s fashions, anyone with a large derriere is likely to show all if they have a slit.

So, pin the slit where you think it should close, and try the skirt on.  (If you are working alone, use a safety pin.)  Bend over in front of a full length mirror and look at your behind from between your legs.  Are you hiding what shouldn’t be seen?  If not, repin and try again.

Now, walk around.  Can you move without tripping?  Is the skirt too narrow?  If it is, another alteration may be the only option:  adding a pleat.  Or, think about Goodwill.

Tomorrow we will begin closing the slit.



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