Bellville Sassoon’s Lacing Technique – Part 2

Sassoon's Rattail Looping
Sassoon’s Rattail Looping


  • Rattail Cord that matches the gown
  • Boning such as Rigilene
  • Ribbon – 1 inch wide – Grosgrain is best if the gown is going to be tight.  Satin may tear under strain. (An alternate method will follow this course which will allow for decorative ribbon.)

You will need to purchase the following amount

Rattail cord:  Measure the zipper length (or opening in the gown).  Multiply by two and add 4 inches.  Round up to the nearest 1/8 yard. (extra is better than too little)

Boning: Twice the zipper length plus 4 inches.  Round up to the nearest 1/8 yard.  (see note above)

Ribbon:  Length of opening in inches (if the zipper is 18 inches, then this would be 18) multiplied by the width of the opening (in this example, 6 inches – or 6) times 2 plus 72 (two yards) for the bow.  18 x 6 x 2= 216 + 72 = 288 divided by 36 (to determine yardage) = 8.  This is too much ribbon, but better safe than sorry.  The bride can use the remaining ribbon for decorations.  You will probably need 6 1/2 yards…  Experience teaches us.


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