Hemming Machine Hint – How do you find your needle threader?


Do you have trouble locating your needle threader when you need to  thread your hemming machine?


Do you make your own business card refrigerator magnets?  Cut a piece of the adhesive magnet and attach it to the back of your needle threader.  It will stick to your cast iron machine.


How to shorten the sleeves on a Cuffed Jacket – Part 7 (final)

In this picture, you can see that I needed to adjust the sleeve with a tuck for the cuff to fit. Remember to use this exact placement when pinning the other sleeve cuff.

Finally, I topstitched the cuff to the sleeve on the previous stitching line.

Repeat for the other sleeve. It is important to do one sleeve at a time so that you don’t accidentally reverse the cuffs.