Fire Mountain Gems’ Circle of Hope Beads are Available

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How do I remove HotFix Swarovski crystals from the hem of a garment?

Blue jeans from companies like Not Your Daughter’s Jeans sometimes have Swarovski Crystals in the hem of the outseam.  Shortening a pair of jeans can end up in a broken needle.

To remove hot fix Swarovski crystals:  Use a pair of pliers and crush the crystal.  Heating it will help remove the crystal (sometimes) but will not remove the glue.

Always remove beads from a hemline

Always remove glass beads from a hemline or seam allowance before serging.  There is no better way to destroy a sewing machine needle than to hit a crystal with it.


How to keep a centered zipper from twisting

When topstitching centered zippers by machine, go the same direction on both sides of the zipper, If you sew down one side and up the other, your fabric will twist.


What is my actual hip and waist measurement?

Generally, when a person bends to sit down, fat expands and muscles contract.  This affects the hip and waist measurements and must be compensated for.  Take a standing measurement and a sitting measurement, especially for large persons.  Use the larger measurement for the actual measurement of the fabric and add seam allowances.  You may allow a small amount of ease, but the body will only take up the amount of fabric that you measured at the largest sitting width. 

One exception is for athletic wear.  Measurements for athletic wear vary according to the sport.


Safety First!

Always wear protective eyeglasses when machine sewing.  If a needle breaks, it may shatter and shoot pieces toward your eyes.



Olive Green and Brown Hand knotted Macrame and wire necklace – 37 inch Long Length


Have you ever seen the reflection from wild animals’ eyes at night? Cat’s Eye glass reflects light with fiber optic layers as the name indicates. This green and brown necklace combines glass cabochons with cotton knotted rings, natural wood, and genuine gemstones. Not only one of a kind, but hypoallergenic, as well.

This beautifully simple necklace gracefully enhances simple outfits: tank tops or long sleeved t-shirts as well as turtle necks.
The pendant hangs below the bustline.
37 inches long hypo-allergenic cotton cord with brown and olive accents has glass beads and cabochons as well as a genuine jasper, serpentine, and quartz gemstone beads.
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