Lord, give me courage to throw out dull and bent tools

If a pin becomes bent, is difficult to get into the fabric, or ‘clicks’ when entering the fabric, throw it out. Pins are inexpensive – and they do wear out.

If a seam ripper does not cut through threads like a razor, then it is not living up to its name.  If you have to push a seam ripper, it is dull.  Get a new one and throw the old one out.

If your scissors are dull, you can get an inexpensive sharpener at any fabric supply store.  Fiskars makes an inexpensive one, and it works. http://www2.fiskars.com/Sewing-Quilting/Products/Scissors-and-Sharpeners/Desktop-Scissors-Sharpener#.VChSZqbD9Ms



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