A letter to a Customer: Beaded band can be used as headband, waistband, or collar

We had discussed a beaded headband for your wedding.
I need to explain these photos so you understand.  I don’t have a head mannequin at present.
So, my photo is on my head:

headband collar15

Obviously, the flash is too high, but you can see the scale of the beads.
I took this alternate styling, since the piece can be used as a belt or a collar:

headband collar13

This is my usual mode of photography.
So, I combined the two for you to see it on a real head, which may help you visualize it.  (The beads are not exactly to scale.)

headband collar14

I’m going to have to get a model to help me with photography or I will have to make or buy a head mannequin.

The price of this band is $35.00 including tax and shipping.

That is at least half of similar items that retail online.
But, with me, you lose an extra middleman.


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