A Hat for Rasha: How to Make a Hat Form from Hard Styrofoam

I love this article:  https://toweraridley.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/a-hat-for-rasha/

I thought that Styrofoam was too heat sensitive to use for a hat form, and there aren’t any instructions about steaming.  I wonder how the milliner shaped the felt….




2 thoughts on “A Hat for Rasha: How to Make a Hat Form from Hard Styrofoam

  1. Thanks for sharing my post! I’m happy you liked it so much.

    You are right, I didn’t say anything about the steaming at all – clearly too excited about the block. It was steamed as normal, just as you would on a wooden or buckram block. No problem to hold the block with the felt right up to the steam. I think the polystyrene may have added protection from the cling film wrapped over it as well (another step I neglected to mention – I may amend the post to include these points). I can’t say yet from my own experience how the block would stand up to making many multiples of a hat, but this little block has a few hats in it yet so it’s a very affordable way to make one-offs or small runs. Also, for pinning I used long glass-headed dressmaking pins, rather than the short milliner’s blocking pins, as these just fall right out of the polystyrene. I hope that is useful!


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