The Four C’s: Gems

What is the best gem to buy?

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Continuing from my last blog I will take the example of an emerald to explain this better. Emeralds and diamonds are the 2 stones that you need more attention than others because they cost a lot. Now the emerald as we all know comes in a green color, which is a perfect combination of green and blue hue. The more you drift away form this, which means if an emerald becomes too green or blue, the cheaper it becomes. This is the simplest way to understand color.



Though in emerald’s case the color is more important but let us understand basically what is cut and how it affects everything. What make a gemstone expensive other than the fact it sparkles. This is where cut comes in. The job of cut is to get the best out the gemstone. If it has not been cut properly, it will not sparkle as much.



This is the simple one to understand, the more the clarity, the more expensive the gem is. We don’t need a rocket scientist to figure that out.



This is the last on the list for a reason as it plays the smallest role in the valuation. There is no hard and fast rule in gemstones that the bigger the stone the more valuable it is. The first three factors mentioned above set the foundation for the value of the gemstone, based on what they say the carat or size of the gemstone comes into play. This is just a multiplying factor for the result of the first three.

See my previous post: What is the difference between a gem and a gemstone?


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