Flounce Diagram: Architectural French Curve

Notice that a perfect flounce is a truly mathematical curve.  It takes a knowledge of algebra to get it perfect.16c18e561b47a48807c89cecd5be5ff5

But, you could just copy this drawing and enlarge it…..


How do I make an A-line Skirt from a straight skirt pattern?

escanear0104This site is in Spanish, but the gist of the diagram is:  If you close up the dart at the waist of a skirt, you must adjust for the difference at the hip.  Swing the side seam out as you close the dart, and you get an A-Line skirt.  Looks like it will work.


Jewelry Supplies in bulk in New York City

If you want to save money on fabric or jewelry components, New York City is the place to shop.  But finding the right store is difficult, and you need four languages just to communicate with the staff.

Here is one place you can go that speaks English:


Easy to make Coat Hanger Knitting Stitch Holder

coat hanger stitch holder1
An inexpensive knitting stitch holder from a coat hanger

If you need a couple of extra stitch holders for knitting, these are very easy to construct from coat hangers. Using a bolt cutter, cut the coat hanger in the middle of the bottom rung.  Then cut off the twisted part at the top.  Bend the upper end to resemble the shape in the photographs.  File the ends so they are smooth.  To close the stitch holder, bend the longer side to fit into the eye.

coat hanger stitch holder2
An inexpensive knitting stitch holder from a coat hanger