How to Hem a Lined Sleeve – Part 7

Cut the hem wigan to 1 1/4 inches to match the hem allowance (see Part 1).Lined Sleeve Hem 11




How to Hem a Lined Sleeve – Part 6

Carefully pull the cut edge of the sleeve through the opened underarm seam (part 4).Lined Sleeve Hem 09

Carefully unpin the edge and invert the seams so that the right side of the garment faces the arm side of the lining and align the seams, repinning them.Lined Sleeve Hem 10



How to Hem a Lined Sleeve – Part 3

Pull the lining out so that a few inches of the lining protrude from the cut edge of the outer sleeve.Lined Sleeve Hem 03

Mark the lining 1 inch from the cut edge.

Lined Sleeve Hem 04

Cut the lining on this line, (the lining must be shorter than the outer sleeve or it will show).

Lined Sleeve Hem 05

This will allow the lining to fall 1/2 inch short of the hem when you have finished hemming the sleeve.

Follow Part 1-3 for the other sleeve.